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This is the full article of our Gluten Test which made use of Liquid Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry.

RESULT: Hearty Bread products are found GLUTEN FREE

Highly Efficient Gluten Degradation by Lactobacilli and Fungal Proteases during Food Processing: New Perspectives for Celiac Disease

RESULT: Food processing by selected sourdough lactobacilli and fungal proteases may be considered an efficient approach to eliminate gluten toxicity

Gluten breakdown by Lactobacilli and Pediococci strains isolated from sourdough

RESULT: L. plantarum hydrolyses alpha gliadin 31-43 amino sequences.

Certificate of Product Registration from Food and Drug Administration

RESULT: Approved

Ezekiel Laboratory Test Result

RESULT: Keto approved, Low Carb (Keto-friendly)

Moisture - Air-Oven Drying Test -16.0g/100g

Ash - Ignition Gravitery Test - 49.7g/100g

Fat - Acid Hydrolysis Test- Mojonnier Extraction -15.21g/100g

Protein - Kjeldahl Test - 16.86g/100g

Carbohydrates - High Performance Liquid Chromatography Test - 2.2g/100g

Total Sugar - Munson Walker Test - 0.002g/100g

Sodium - Flame Atomic Emission Spectroscopy - 0.07g/100g

*Serving size of is only 50g so the results shall be divided by 2

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