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Contact: 09260955374, 09338226527

Main Office: Santolan Town Plaza

"Health is an option

that everyone has the liberty of having"

-Hearty Bread Mission Statement

Everything's Fresh Here at Hearty Bread.

Sourdough Bread
Multi-grain Bread
Banana Bread (Saba)

What's on the Menu?


Hearty Bread

Hearty bread is not a normal bakeshop. Our story started serving different dietary in hospitals. We cater specifically to different needs of patients with diabetes, renal failure and cancer. We want to change the world by preventing these diseases from ever occurring in an individual.



Celiac disease is found to be associated with the gene HLA-DQ2 which is also the same gene that causes type 1 diabetes. Gluten hypersensitivity can show symptoms of being bloated, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches and depression after eating food containing gluten. To help people from experiencing gluten hypersensitivity, Hearty Bread only uses top quality gluten free flour.